November Stuff

 As Quinn and I were driving home from TKD one evening we could see a huge full moon rising.  We decided to chase it by going up the fire road but then chickened out because it was so dark.    In our defense, there is frequently coyote poop on the fire road so we know they are around.

Fall sunsets are the best.  

Now that Quinn is a black belt he gets to use weapons, specifically nunchucks.  You should have seen the smile on his face after class.  Don said that when he was that age he talked about nunchucks all the time and he and his friends really wanted them.

Band homework over the course of the trimester.    Notice which one he left for last?  Write your parents a thank you for letting you be in band.

And his sweet thank you note said:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you so much for letting me do band, I really can’t say how much joy I experienced and how many friends I’ve made. It also helped me overcome my stage fright.

Love, Quinn

Odyssey has started up every Sunday so Don and I hike.  It's been really hot so we picked an easy, flat hike that we knew had some water to cool down the buddy.  

Dan's dad invited us to Camarillo Airport to his friends hangar.  His friend was going to take the kids flying but it was way too windy so we just hung out and chatted.

And the boys got to check out the plane.

And just a reminder what California looks like in November!

Pam's Big Birthday Visit

I was so happy to have Pam out to California for her big Birthday!  My gift to her was a couple of days at the beach in Carlsbad.  I took her to our favorite hotel right on the beach.  We wasted no time.  

The sunset was pretty beautiful and the reflection on the balcony glass was just magical. 

No sister visit would be complete without oyster shooters.  This place made Michelada Oyster shooters which were pretty darned delicious. 

The next day we got up and walked a couple of miles along the beach and walked through town a little bit.  Of course we found some time to sit on the beach.  As the clouds started to cover the sun it started to get chilly. 

Then it was time to go home.  We needed to celebrate Pam's birthday properly with cake and candles. 

We kept our bodies moving with a nice walk in Hill Canyon.  The temp was cool but the sun was out and it felt really warm.  But a great morning for a hike. 

We came across this little guy.  Not sure what he was but we just walked around him. 

At sunset we ran to my favorite spot at Satwi Park.  I love the gradient of the sky from orange to blue. 

I think might be the last visit where Aunt Pam is taller than Quinn.  Getting close. 

No trip to California would be complete without a soak in the hot tub.   

We had such a great time with Pam!  And I will leave you with this cutie pie. 

October Fun

 It's fire season in California.  After last year everyone is on edge.  And it's not great when you see smoke over the neighborhood.  Fortunately the fire was a long distance off and the wind was carrying the smoke our way.

Sometimes we get really great sunsets with the smoke in the air.  It wasn't bad. 

It's also ant season.  Fun times!  We left a La Croix on the side table and the ants were all over it.  Fortunately Don has figured out how to get rid of them when they arrive. 

And Halloween is right around the corner.  CVS had this great skeleton dog on sale and Quinn rode with him in the backseat. 

Quinn and his buddy Elias in an afterschool chat. 

Quinn and Don playing a couple of rounds of disc golf at sunset. 

 Now that Quinn is back in Odyssey for a couple hours on Sunday, Don and I are back to our Sunday hikes.  I love this time outdoors together.  We went on a hike where the fire roared toward us last year.  You can still see remnants of the charred plants. 

Sport O Rama!

Quinn's middle school does a special Sport-o-Rama event for the 6th graders.  It's all about team building and having fun and not really about sports so much.  The 6th graders are divided into 6 teams and they compete against each other.

Quinn was on the yellow team.   Here they are making their grand entrance.  
Apparently the Yellow Team has a tradition of losing and it happened again.  But lots of fun was had.

Class of 2026

Viva Las Vegas

This seems so long ago but at the end of September we had a birthday weekend in Las Vegas.  I got Don tickets for his 50th birthday to go see his favorite comedian Daniel Tosh.   We invited the Conrath's to go with us and made a weekend out of it.

On the way into Vegas we stopped at the Seven Magic Mountains which is basically an art installation in the middle of the dessert. 

Each rock is huge and painted a vibrant color. 

Quinn with his own magic mountain. 

We had some time to kill before we checked in to our hotel so we went to the Shark Reef at the Mirage. 

Later that night Don and Carl went to the MGM to see Daniel Tosh and Amy and I took the kids to see a magic/variety show.  It was pretty great and we were mystified.  Somehow I got pulled on stage to do a magic trick.  Here's the selfie the magician took. 

The next day we did the typical Las Vegas stuff by driving the strip and checking out the Las Vegas sign. 

That day was my birthday so we went out for a nice dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and then checked out some of the hotel exhibits.  This was in the Bellagio. 

And of course the Bellagio Fountains. 

A fun way to spend our weekend.  No regrets in going but Vegas won't be on the top of my list of places to return. 

October Stuff

Every Thursday the student group has a fundraiser selling shaved ice.   A nice weekly treat.  Along with this octopus grip tripod thing for his phone.   

Off to bed they go....

A beautiful morning sunrise. 

Most of Quinn's teachers post the homework on their webpage.  So when he gets home from school we make a list of his to do's.  This list was particularly long but he knocked it out with no problem.  

Now that it's cooling down and the snakes aren't all over, Sonic and I are back to our morning hikes.