03 August 2011

Beach Club

On Tuesday Quinn and I joined my friend Danielle and her family at a beach club in Seabright NJ.  I've never been to a beach club so I wasn't quite sure what to expect and WOW!   It was a seaside resort with all the amenities.  The beach club had a handful of big and small pools, a bar, beach umbrellas, and more.

These pictures are views from their cabana.  The cabana is on the small side and meant for day use only.  But has all the necessities:  full refrigerator, microwave, bathroom with shower, storage, and deck.  You can see the smaller beach side cabanas in these pictures.

This is a view to the right.  We parked ourselves under the tiki umbrellas.

And a view to the left.  You can see the playground, larger pool, and the size of the club.

You might remember Quinn's little friend Lucas from this post.   They always have fun playing together.

Danielle's husband, Kevin, took over the dad duties while the mom's relaxed.

Oh, the sand.  I don't understand the enjoyment of shoveling sand over one's head but Quinn and the boys sure enjoyed it.

This is Quinn wiht Lucas' younger brother Caiden.

After a full afternoon on the beach, we had some fun in the pool while Kevin grilled our dinner.  We relaxed on the deck with a beer while we watched the sky turn from blue to pink to dark.  A great day that will be remembered!

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